Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Family

Meet my family! My husband Clint is the tall, handsome guy in the back. He is my prince charming and is the only man that could possibly put up with me! Then there's the "clone" of the big guy - that's McKenna. He is a bullrider! Yikes! Nothing makes a mom more nervous then watching your precious boy lower down in the chute on a bull! He is a wonderful kid - smart, sweet, loves sports, keeps a relatively clean room and the teachers all rave about his manners! Now that makes a mom proud! Now to the cute girl. Meet Hunter. She is more like me, very opinionated, smart, factual and curious about EVERYTHING! She wants to know why things have a purpose. She has a purpose, usually it's driving McKenna crazy but mostly it is keeping the family on our toes. Finally, me. I am the one who keeps these three in line. I try at least. I know they get tired of schedules and lists but that is what I am about. My itinerary is everything! I have to have one everyday or I am lost. Ask my brother, who says he will never travel with me again!!!
When God put me in the life of this guy with 2 kids I had my doubts but now looking back over the last almost 10 years we all have a closeness that was forged with sorrow, despair and finally an overcoming happiness that only God could plan. I am so grateful everyday for my family!


  1. Lookin' good, girlfriend! Isn't this going to be fun? Just think of all the stories we can tell on family and friends and post for all the world to see! Before long everyone will be afraid to open their mouths when we're around!

  2. I could be more proud!!!! You don't have to tell me how GREAT this family is, I know FIRST hand! This is going to be soooo much fun!


  3. Great blog!!! Needless to say we miss having great friends next door. Now we can atleast keep up with the goings on. y'll pic is really sweet. Can't wait til Tess is big enough and Rex will hold still long enough to take a family Will be checking in!