Tuesday, June 3, 2014

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In April, I started writing down a few goals that I want to accomplish during the month.  It was kinda fun to work toward them and see them come to reality (some of them, anyway.)  When I started, they were mostly exercise or weight loss goals but in June, I'm adding a few extras!

1.  Walk or run 30 miles.  There are 30 days in June, so I thought this was a reasonable goal.  I'm training for a 5K in September, so by the end of the month, I'd like to be running over a mile.

2.  Read ONE book!  I know this sounds funny but since having Reese, I haven't read any books other than toddler ones!

3.  Send 5 cards to random people.  I love getting mail!  And, I love cute notecards.  I'm going to brighten someones day this month.  I have several older ladies in my Bible study group that are really special to me, I'd love to let them know their Christian walk is inspring to me!!

4.  Spend LESS time on my phone, and more time playing with Reese.  I'm declaring the evenings and weekends, "less phone time" at the Pierce place!  I want my sweet girl to know she was the center of my attention!
5. Celebrate my baby turning TWO!!! I can't believe I just typed that!!!  The last two years have pasted SO fast!!!

 I can think of many more things I was to accomplish, but I think I should start small!!  I'll let ya know how I did in about a month!!!

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