Friday, December 11, 2009

Favorite Christmas Treat - Millionaires

I am participating in the Show-us-your-life post today at Kelly's Korner. Christmas in our house DOES NOT begin until my Mom makes her Millionaire candy. We patiently wait while the pecans are chopped and the googy goodness melts in the pan. It is a two day process with making them one day and dipping the next. I would like to say, I have swiped some out of the fridge before they are dipped, but at 30-something (ha!) I still understand the consequences that would involve! Our family loves these, the recipients of these in a gift expect them year after year and even the mail-woman salivates when she finds her package in the mail box each year! I hope you all enjoy these - I may very well lose my place in the family for putting this recipe on the web!!

Mom's Millionaires (My mother is from Texas, she calls them Texas Millionaires, but me, as an Okie, can't seem to use the Texas part, so I refer to them as Mom's)

1 C. light brown sugar
1 C. white sugar
1 C. dark Karo syrup
2 C. Carnation milk
2 sticks margarine
1 tsp. vanilla

Mix all ingredients except 1 cup of milk in a pan. Let it come to a good boil. Add another cup of milk SLOWLY as not to stop the boiling. Cook to soft ball stage. Add 4 cups of pecans, brocken into large pieces. Pour into a large buttered pan. (Use a cookie sheet with sides). Place in the refrigerator overnight. Cut into 1" squares and dip in chocolate. (My mom spoons hers onto the cookie sheet in 50 cent piece sizes.) Chocolate: Melt 2 LARGE (1 lb size) Hershey candy bars and 1/3 lb paraffin.

My mother is proud of these each year! The pecans come from our own orchard and they make this candy so yummy! Hope you all enjoy these, and let me know if you try them!!

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