Saturday, July 27, 2013

Reese's First Birthday!

Our sweet girl turned ONE on June 12, 2012....gosh, I can't believe a year passed so fast!!!
 I was so excited to wake up that morning, knowing in just a few short hours, I would meet the precious girl God blessed us with!  I wasn't nervous one bit, though I was having a c-section and had never, ever had any kind of surgery!  (and I'm terrified of needles!)
 The first picture of the three of us!  I was on top of the world!!!!

My best friend, Misty makes wonderful cakes so she came over to help me make Reese's cupcakes and birthday cake.  I wanted to do a rainbow layer cake since her theme was Sesame Street.  Misty did an amazing job!  I basically was just the gopher!  Her daughters came with her and helped wrangle Reese while we baked!

 We used my grandmothers recipe of buttercream icing for the is so good and the cake turned out amazing!
 I loved these tissue pom poms I found on Pinterest!  My friend Sherri at work helped me make the pom poms.  I had no idea how to do the pom poms, just the faces!

 I made the banner and I love it!  I wished I could have left it up for a little longer!  The colors of Sesame Street make me happy!  I love bright, vibrant colors.  In the colored sacks are the treats for the kids, I did Sesame coloring books and crayons.  My mom and I collected coloring books for a few weeks before.  Sesame Street books aren't as common as you think!
 This isn't a great picture of the cake, but it was completely gone after the party!  The cupcakes were delicious also!!
 Mom and Reese, she bought the 3 foot cookie monster balloon for the party!  It was so cute and is STILL up!

 The Birthday Girl!!!
 My Aunt Be Be and Uncle Mike came to Reese's party from Wichita Falls along with my cousins and their kids.  BeBe made Reese's smash cake...she had made my niece's cake and my nephews on their first birthday also!  Reese loved the smash cake!

 My sister and sister in law bathed Reese after the smash cake so I could get the gifts all ready to go!  Thanks girls!

 Reese and Brahm!  I work with Brahm's mommy and they are just 3 weeks apart!  He set on her Princess sofa with her...sweet!

 She LOVED all her gifts!  and was very interested all the way to the end!  We were so blessed with lots of family and friends that day!  It makes my heart swell with pride that so many people love and care about her!

 My cousin's daughter Mia entertained Reese at breakfast the morning after the party!  They stayed with us all weekend and we enjoyed getting to catch up and love on all the kiddos!
Miss Priss loved her coupe car!!!  We go for an evening stroll everyday!!!

Reese is such a blessing to our family!  I am amazed sometimes that God chose me to be her mommy.  She is so smart, loving and sometimes mischievious! She makes me smile everyday and I am so proud to be her mama!!!  Happy Birthday My sweet princess!!!!  May you have at least 100 more!!!!

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