Monday, February 8, 2010

10 things I've learned about hospital rooms (while in one)

My husband has had the unfortunate experience the last 2 days with a kidney stone. He's fine but I have been about to go crazy sitting here! I have surfed the web, made all kinds of lists, read almost an entire novel and probably gained back the few pounds I've been working like crazy to lose! Here is one of my lists:

Things I've learned about hosptial rooms (while in one):

10. There is no room service.
9. Everything smells like aneseptic.
8. The TV remote can only reach so far.
7. The chair/bed is as hard as a brick.
6. The lines smell like bleach.
5. There is no privacy.
4. The ice is good and perfectly crushed!
3. Some nurses need a good sense of humor.
2. It's definately not our bed at home.
1. We are luckier than some people in the other rooms.

Of course, this list is meant to bring a little humor. The major thing we have learned is kidney stones are minor and we are blessed. You only have to round the corner in a hosptial to see someone worse off than you. It is my prayer Lord that you bless each family here tonight and give them the strength only you can provide.

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