Monday, January 24, 2011

Just a bunch of Randon stuff....

This is a busy week for us...recovering from the flu, trying to stay warm, last basketball tournament of the year, lots of Polka Dot factory orders to be done, getting tax stuff finished....the list could go on and on!
Saturday, my stepdaughter, Hunter brought a friend over. I had a million things to do, so I bribed them with flower headbands if they would help me dust! I gave them each a rag and they got my whole living room done! I went in behind them and vaccummed...done with that! We went to the county basketball tournament to watch the girls championship...we lost by 2 points! Ugh! I would rather get beat by 20 points than 2!
Sunday, we went to church, then came home and snuggled by the fire! I piddled in my craft room, trying to organize a little. I am working on a mass-declutter in to come later! I sat down with the paper and looked at the ads for this week. I made my list for Walgreens and got my coupons ready...I've been on quite the coupon kick as of late.
Monday, I shopped on my lunch a great deal, I think! I spent 33.08 and saved almost 60.00! I was so tickled! Here is a pic of my purchases...

I bought...2 cases of water, 1 lb of super bubble, 2 Kraft dressings, 3 boxes sugar free jello, 1 Almay eye make-up, 3 Suave lotions, 2 bars of Dove soap, Lrg Listerine, 2 boxes of taco shells, 2 boxes of Mac and Cheese, 2 cans of Tomato soup, Miracle whip, 2 Pantene shampoos and 2 boxes of cereal. Pretty good, huh?
Monday night, I went over to Shannon's house and we made up goody bags for our Jr. High basketball players. They are in their last tournament this week. Both our boys are on the team. We fixed them up with lots of goodies! Cross your fingers, we bring home another win! We have only lost 1 game this year...they are a good team..only 5 losses in 4 YEARS!
Today I got off work a little early, we had some machine maintenance to be done. I was a totally lazy rear, I came home and got my pjs on and went to bed. I have had a horrible sinus headache for 2 days and I felt yucky! I woke up after 2 hours! Ugh! I am thankful for a husband that cooks, he had made supper! Thanks Clint!
Well, I think that catches me up for a while!

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  1. I enjoy clipping coupons also. You need to watch Extreme Couponing on TLC. It was on a few weeks ago. These people are truely EXTREME. As long as you dont take it that far. Go for it, Save all the money you can!!!