Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Favorite Things Party!

I stumbled across a blogpost at 320 Sycamore that is a "my favorite things party." The object is to list 5-10 things that are your favorite that you would send a friend in a care package. The date of her party is Nov 19, I'm doing mine today because I think it is totally going to be fun!

1.) Scentsy - Orange Clove scented squares
2.) Bath and Body Works Body Butter - Coconut Lime Verbena scent
3.) Buxom Lips lip gloss by Bare Minerals (it makes your lips all tinglely and peppermint scented.)
4.) Canon Rebel XTI ( I heart my camera!!)
5.) My mom's chocolate chip cookies
6.) Big Sexy Hair hairspray
7.) Target gift cards ( I heart Target - not as much as I do my camera - but alot!)
8.) Scrapbooking supplies
9.) Turtle flavored coffee
10.) Selah CD's ( I love them ALL)

So, if you're my friend this is what you would get in a care package, if I sent care packages, and if I had unlimited funds, and if I didn't keep all this stuff myself, and...well, you get the point - be satisfied if you get a card from me!!!

Only 7 weeks til Christmas!!!!


  1. Turtle flavored coffee? Where do I find that? Is it a Clint creation (grown and processed on the back roads at Lake West, maybe?) or what? Can I expect some in my Christmas stocking?

  2. Oh Mammy!! That's funny! If you drink coffee, it's the bomb!!! I picked it up at Just Between Friends in Paris. The odds are very good that you will have some in your stocking!!