Monday, May 11, 2009

Floating by......

I know most who read this blog are floating around like we are right now. As of this afternoon, we have had almost 13 inches of rain in 2 weeks! Please don't misunderstand me, I AM NOT complaining. When you grow up the daughter of a crop farmer - YOU DON"T COMPLAIN ABOUT THE RAIN - only the "lack" of it! I am ready for just a little sunshine, though. Pretty soon Clint will be able to "bale" my yard up! I am amazed at the power of water, though. It is rushing in every stream, creek, and river around. McKenna goes down the road every afternoon and catches crawdads in the ditches. Good fish bait, he says!
Hope all had a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend. I did. Saturday, I slept in. I got caught up on the laundry and did some straightening up. With two boys that have been cooped up in the house, my straightening didn't last long. Saturday was my Mom's birthday so we met she and my dad at a mexican resturant and had an early supper. Then we were off to McKenna's rodeo. It was raining cats and dogs! We were so glad we didn't have to haul a horse! He got bucked off the bull he rode but didn't do too bad being that he hadn't gotten on anything in 8 months! It was a nice cool evening.
Sunday, we got up and went to church. One of McKenna's friends came home with us for the afternoon. Unfortunately, on our way home we discovered my dog Shadow had been hit by a car on the highway and she had passed away. I spent the afternoon bawling my eyes out! Clint was so sweet, though. He went and picked her up and buried her under a big tree in the back pasture. He is very patient with me when I get emotional. He is the exact opposite of me when it comes to emotions, sometimes I wonder if he even has the ability to get emotional and I am just a roller coaster of emotion. Just last week he was knocking down bird nests that had been built on our porch. I decided that I would knock one down and wouldn't you know it - it had 4 baby birds in it. I was screaming and crying when Clint came around the corner of the house and I pleaded and cried until he climbed up and placed the nest in our gutters - in hopes the mother bird would come back and feed the starving little babies. Please forgive me, Mama Bird, I certainly wouldn't have disturbed your babies had I known they were there! Anyway, we spent the rest of Sunday afternoon at my parents. Dad, Clint, and I rode around looking at some pecan grafts that Dad had done a couple of weeks ago. They look really good! I will post some pics of them soon. The mosquitos chased us in! They were as big as hornets! Well, not quite hornets but VERY large. All the water is really drawing them in. On our way home we saw a beautiful mother goose on the water followed by her 6 little goslins! They were so cute! Springtime on the farm is so neat - lots of little ones of all kinds running around. Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!!

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