Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mimi has to brag...

Ok, indulge me for the next few minutes.....
Eighteen years ago, my sister gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. In three weeks this precious baby graduates from high school!!! Oh My Gosh, ya'll. He's THE reason I am a "Mimi." When he was a little tike he would jump up in my lap and I would ask, "DJ, who's number one?" and he would say with a snicker, "You are, Mimi." Melt my heart!! I cannot even begin to tell you how proud I am at this very moment. DJ has become a wonderful young man, he is compassionate, smart, polite, tenderhearted and most of all a great Christian example to his sisters and brother. My sister did an outstanding job of raising him and they have an incredible bond with each other. As he ventures out into this wide world I can't help but be a protective Mimi. I can get on my knees and pray he is unaffected by the negative influences out there. I can pray that he holds on to his values Tina and Carl have instilled in him and most of all I can pray he succeeds and gives the glory to our loving Lord. DJ, if you are reading this, I love you so much and I am so, so, so proud of you! Go get'em baby!! And remember who's #1 !!!

Here's a picture of the handsome guy! It was taken last month at Randy and Delena's wedding. Isn't he adorable!!!

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  1. D.J. has had several positive role models in his life-----his "MIMI" being one of them! We are all so incredibly proud of D.J. We hope he has a wonderful May filled with all kinds of SR. memories! May God Bless our SR., guide him as he makes decisions that will govern the paths he takes in life.

    We love you D.J.

    Thanks Mimi! The BLOG is great!

    D.J.'s Granni