Saturday, May 2, 2009

Girls just want to have fun!

We have this weird tradition in my family....for the last 15 or more years each spring "the girls" go on an adventure together - it's called "Garage Saling." We sleep over at my Mom's house and get up early - I'm talkin REAL early, like 3:30 A.M. Yes, I said A.M. Then we drive down to the Dallas area to this garage sale. It's not like local sales, it is an entire community that gets together and spreads out over an entire parking lot and you just go up and down the aisle. Basically, we buy other peoples "junk." But, that's the neat part - someone's trash is another man's treasure! We have found some great treasures over the years. And, boy have we had fun. Somewhere there are some pictures floating around of a mattress flying out of our truck on the way home and the traffic we had backed up trying to "reload" the stupid thing! Call us crazy! But there are lots of people like us out there! So that was my day today....Mom, Hunter, and I ventured out and had a blast. We found some goodies, but the weather threatened all day. We got out of town just in time to drive home in the worst rainstorm I've ever driven in. We had a delicious lunch with dear friends, and were completely exhausted by the time we got home! That is the best part too, our men are ready to help us unload when we get there. I think they like to see us unload our "loot." It's nice to have a tradition with family members - be it "weird" or not..... Share some of yours if you have them!!

P.S. On an exciting note, my nephew B.J. and his sweet girlfriend Courtney got engaged today! How exciting is that!! Love you both!

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