Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Ok, I've lived in my house for 4 years. We bought new furniture when we moved in. I picked a beautiful black Attic Heirlooms hutch that matched my farmhouse table and its black chairs. The hutch is my favorite piece in the whole house. It houses my Fiesta collections of red, sunflower, shamrock, and tangarine. Beautiful colors against the black. WELL, several times I have asked Clint would he please put in the glass shelves in the bottom cabinets so I could maximize the storage of those areas (I'm sure all of your husbands do things the first time they are asked!) WELL, 4 years later the glass shelves are still stored under the guest room bed. OK, now for the suprise. I was cleaning the wood floors in the dining room today. Ever so often when I get a wild hair I love cleaning the floors with a rag down on my hands and knees. Just something about a shiny floor!! (That doesn't happen that often, Lord knows we don't want to put the Swifer Wet Jet people out of business!) So, I'm reaching under the hutch and I see this black strap hanging down. As I press my face to the floor to get a better look I see not only 1 strap but 4. What on earth! So I get the scissors and start cutting blindly through the straps, not seeing a thing of what I am cutting. As I clip the 4th strap this heavy wrapped package falls down on my hands! Ouch! I catch myself yelling because 1. it scared the crap out of me, 2. it kinda hurt 3. I just knew it was a secret treasure left by someone who knew I could use a treasure! I pulled the package out and unwrapped it and, low and behold, its shelves! Wooden shelves! For the bottom cabinets! No wonder my darling husband hadn't installed the glass ones, he KNEW they weren't the right shelves! I'm kinds embarrassed it took 4 years to find them but who in the world would have looked on the very bottom of the piece. And why didn't the furniture salesman tell my the blasted things were under there?? So now I'm happy, I have a clean dining room and I love storage so having the shelves makes me want to clean out the cabinets and rearrange on my new shelves. and I know Clint is so happy I have added another thing to the honeydo list!!

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  1. Whoo-hoo! Kinda like Christmas in August! We need pictures now...the hutch sounds beautiful.

    Sorry to get you hooked on monograms...when we just moved, we had so many "m"s my husband BEGGED me not to put them all out, and I agreed. We didn't have room for them all anyway.:-)

    Thanks for reading my silly little blog!