Saturday, September 5, 2009

Busy Saturday

I'm trying to get things made up for my Etsy shop and the shop in Soper today. I stopped at the quilt shop yesterday and picked up some more adorable fabrics for the bibs and burp cloths I am working on. It is very hard not to be drawn to the western and cowboy prints for little boys, because that's what my little boy will have. BUT, I have to realize not all little boys are cowpokes! SO, I came away with some very cute airplanes and dots fabric, some car/truck prints and this vintage Dick and Jane spaceship fabric. It is one of the cutest things I have seen in a while. I used it on a set of burp cloths today. It is so bright and cheerful and I love bright colors for babies.

Max laid in the chair all day while I made a huge mess of my dining room, a.k.a. "my studio." He couldn't take the chaos and covered his eyes!!

Here is what a day of creating does for my table!! Ever so often, I have to stop and straighten things up, I'm a touch OCD!!

This set is my "little buckaroo" set. I love the cowhide print. This one is set to be my "most popular" I'm sure. I have a cowgirl version also, that is pink and brown. It is so stinkin cute too!

Hope you all had a great Saturday. We're off to a rodeo to watch McKenna's friend Wyatt team rope.


  1. Oooooooh! Too cute! Are the ones with the "P" on them for me? I could probably use a burp cloth! Will you have a Christmas line? I'd love something Christmas-y for my new nephew. Maybe a bib with his name on it for Christmas dinner....

  2. You should take somethings to Paris Baby. Melissa and Tabitha would love it all. Where is the shop in Soper?

  3. These are the cutest! I like all the fabrics you chose to use too.

    I think I would like to copy that fun basket of apples and dip...who wouldn't love getting that.