Thursday, June 25, 2009

Spread your wings and fly

Ok, where do you draw the line? I have 2 nest-fuls of baby birds on my porch. They are at the age of getting ready to leave the nest. So far, I have rescued 5 from the jowls of my bassett houndDuchess and 1 was not so lucky, Jed, my heeler, is just too quick. Isn't that ridiculous? Not only do I have to race the dogs to them, I have to go indoors and drag the bar stool out to the porch, climb up on top of it, stand up so I can reach the nest to return them. Clint is sure I have lost my ever-lovin mind. His philosphy is if they die, that's one less that will be back next year. According to my "bird expert" husband, where the bird is born is where it returns the next year to have its nest.

Anyway, it really has got me thinking...Which one am I? Am I the brave baby bird that tries to fly first? I mean, none of them are experts right? Can they see below? If so, how brave they are to fly down to an awaiting, salivating huge dog? Am I the second bird that waits to see what happens to the first one? You know he is thinking, "Hey, I'm gonna see how Bob does before I jump." Or am I the LAST bird out of the nest. The "Safest" one? Do you think he leaves the nest because he is lonely? Don't you wonder if he thinks, "Hey, I think I'll stay here and kick back with the pad all to myself?"

Which bird are you? The brave one? The most cautious? Makes you think, huh?


  1. Just wated to let you know that I enjoyed reading your comment on the Siesta Summer study blog and that I will be praying for you. It's exciting to meet new siestas. I enjoyed reading your blog :-)
    About this baby bird question.. I don't think I would always be the first out of the next.. although I am pretty adventurous (obviously I have lived in nepal the past two years) but I am not usually the last one either.. so sometimes the first.. but genereally the middle. I am the type that wats to see what everyone thinks first.. a people approval addict I guess you could say. I would probablly be chirping.. is it ok with you if I leave the nest? will your feelings be hurt?

  2. You know I will be the last one out! I'll have to analyze all the options, figure the chances of survival--and then make one last trip to the bathroom before I leave the house!